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Hello, precious reader. I am Shannon. I spent most of my adult life traveling the world, working sporadically in marketing to pay the bills and finance my next big adventure. I can order a beer in about 30 different languages. True story. I was footloose and fancy-free you might say - not terribly interested in settling down. I told people someone forgot to issue me my biological clock. Then in the space of three years, I met the wonderful guy who became my husband, and we had two kids. Our son is Townes. He is 2 years old. Our daughter Daisy is 1 year old. Yes, we are both exhausted almost all the time. I'm not in my twenties and I don't wear expensive, granny-chic Swedish shoes. I have a full-time day job and I do not have an etsy store. I am not crafty but I am learning to quilt because my great-grandma and grandmother both did and I'm interested in not bringing shame onto my family. Though I considered myself fairly fashionable pre-prego, I'm still trying to get my post-pregnancy style (and body) groove back. I love reading other mommy bloggers, and getting a window into their fabulous, well-lit lives. I aspire to such great heights but I live down here with the rest of the hoi polloi in my beet stained maternity yoga pants. By the way, when was the last time I treated myself to a pedicure? My life is messy - I consider myself to be pulled together about 22.6 percent of the time. The other 77.4 percent I'm just in the weeds and doing my best to keep some balance. It's a constant struggle. I promise that I will never tell you that I am a "work-in-progress" as though that actually means something profound. I'm pretty sure we're all works-in-progress. I decided to start this blog to keep myself honest, to focus on the reality and hilarity of being a working mom and to give my kids a record of our family and these years that they (hopefully) will not think sucks. A fantastic bonus would be to meet other working moms in the Los Angeles area (there have to be at least three other women in town who can't make a 10am weekday pilates class), and to also join in the online mamasphere conversation. I live for books, film, travel, my husband and especially my babies. Thank you for reading my blog!