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I pretty much agree with everything in this post. My first (and only) son was born in the hospital where I caved in and got an epidural at 3cm, and was put on pitocin thereafter. I wouldn't say my birth experience was a bad one -- afterall, I relaxed and didn't feel anything. But it wasn't an empowering one. Whenever someone ask me how it felt to give birth my response is, "I dont know" because honestly, I do not know. I didn't feel it. And I also experience cognizance dissonance and was in complete shock when my son arrived.

Next time I want to do it natural and with a doula.

I also watched babies and the business of being born and they were GREAT movies.



thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback Josie! as a new blogger, it's thrilling to know that someone out there is reading me besides my friends and family. we also used hypnobabies for relaxation and pain management. I was actually a skeptic going in - but I am a believer now. Hypnotherapy was my 3rd best friend (after my husband and our doula). :)you're so busy! I'm inspired that you are managing your studies and being a new mom. you are one serious role model for your little man!

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